Southbound Adventures
MLC School Year 5 Program

MLC School Year 5 Program

Southbound Adventures is please to host the MLC School Year 5 Program. This program will give the students the chance to grow, learn and play in the outdoors. Below is all the information you will need to prepare for this program. A link to this page was sent to your email address as confirmation.


This is a 3 day site based program at one of our popular locations where the girls will get the opportunity to experience one night in a tent and one night in accommodation for some laid back luxury with many exciting activities during the day!

Important Reminders

Students will be staying in a cabin and tent – please bring a sleeping bag – items needed are on the packing list.


5 – 7 February 2020

Location 1

Crossland Youth Convention Centre


  • Bushwalking
  • Canoeing
  • Abseiling
  • Flying Fox
  • High Ropes

Gear List

It is import the right gear is brought on trip. Download our list and start packing. If you are missing anything try borrowing from friends or family. Southbound also has equipment for sale on on our online store.


If you do not have all the equipment for the program, you can purchase gear from our online store. Use discount code: SBA10 and receive a 10% off your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have nutritional meals with a selection of carbohydrates, protein, veggies and yummy flavours that have been approved by a nutritionist.

Each dinner is different throughout the week. Lunches depend on whether the program is a centre based or wilderness based., we have wraps & crackers with salami (wilderness), Bread rolls with cold meats (Centre) and Bucket lunch with corn, beetroot and chickpeas (centre). All of these lunches have tomato, cucumber, capsicums, cheese, vegemite, honey, crackers and mayonnaise.

Breakfast’s include a variety of cereal’s, milk (long life cows and others) and powdered milk for hiking wilderness programs, fruit and banana bread.

Snacks are also provided in a variety of things such as muesli bars, shapes, rice crackers, fruit and more.

Yes, as long as the snacks provided are nut free due to our company having a ‘nut free policy’. Foods such as Nutella, Almond Milk, Peanut Butter, Pesto and some Muesli Bars all contain nuts and cannot be brought on camp.

Yes, a week prior to program starting, our very helpful office staff check each Medical Form to check for any allergies that may need consideration of an alternative option, these include Coeliac Disease, Dairy Intolerance, Anaphylaxis, Vegetarian, Vegan or any other special diets. We have seen most special diets and have had many success stories for student who have thoroughly enjoyed their meals. Our office staff may phone you prior to camp to ask questions to ensure that your child has a great time on camp is does not end up going hungry for any reason.


Parents will be provided with a 24 hour contact number for the allocated Southbound Adventures on-call Manager for the duration of the program. All contact with your son or daughter whilst on program should be directed through our on call representative or any designated school coordinator.


Our wonderful office staff screen participant medical information prior to commencement of the Program. We may contact you with any questions which will help us provide support for the child throughout camp. We regularly cater for a variety of dietary and medical needs and it is our best interest to support all students regardless of any ailments, impairments or other special considerations in their own personal growth whilst on program with us. We treat all information with respect and confidentiality. If your child is Anxious, has Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy or Diabetes, hearing or sight impairments or any other medical or dietary requirement we are here to help.


School Programs:

If your program has a wilderness hiking component, Southbound Adventures will provide a 70L hiking pack with a waist harness as part of the included fee’s.

Duke of Edinburgh:

We have a list of hire gear that can be borrowed, please organise hire prior to the journey starting, you will receive this gear on the first day and will need to be returned on the last day of the journey.

If you do not have all the gear required you can visit our Shop and purchase items at a 15% discount using code Adventure15.

Most of our programs will be staying in tents unless told otherwise. These tents are 2 – 3 person and are top quality Outdoor Education tents with a floor and waterproofing. Other accommodation is cabins are some Residential programs such as Stanwell Tops and Vision Valley.

Why do we need to bring a ground sheet/ tarp?

This is for extra waterproofing if it rained on camp or for sitting on around the camp fire or at dinnertime.

Southbound Adventures does not take responsibility for any electronic devices brought to program. Most school’s have a policy of not bringing these on camp, but also why not ‘disconnect to reconnect’ this is saying that by disconnecting yourself from your phone, you can reconnect more with others and the beautiful environment.

Fire Restrictions mean no open fires allowed unless permitted by NSW National Parks. In areas in which Southbound Adventures are licensed to work, which have Fire Restrictions, we will not have open wood fires.

Total Fire Ban means no open flame allowed until the total Fire Ban has been lifted. Groups will be informed by their Program Director the day before if a Total Fire Ban has been issued. Conditions in and around the program area will be continually monitored by Group Leaders, Team Leaders and Directors and also by our 24 hour on call Manager.

Conditions are monitored by the on call Manager, office staff and the Program Director. If severe weather was occurring appropriate modifications to the program will be made in order of to keep students safe.

Instructional Videos

Waterproofing gear

How to Pack

Layering and Fabrics


Backpack Fitting

Tent Setup


We are here to help. If you have any questions feel free to contact the office.